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Pink Sugar

Butt & Hip Dip Filler

Non-surgical butt lift and body contouring is an amazing alternative for surgical butt lifts or implants. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are used to lift the butt, give more volume, improve the shape, correct hip dips, improve skin quality and cellulites. No cuts, no scarring, no general anaesthesia is needed and can be done in less than an hour. 

HYAcorp is  the filler of choice for this treatment and its a revolutionary body shaping product made from cross-linked hyaluronic acid indicated for volume restoration and shaping of the hips and buttocks. 

HYAcorp can also even out discrepancies in the skin surface, for example, those caused by liposuction. HYAcorp can also be used to improve the appearance of thick, disfiguring surgical scars. It is intended to last for 12-24 months.

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