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Fat Dissolving (Aqualyx / Deso / Lipolab)

All you need to know prior to your treatment

General FAQ

Where can we inject fat-dissolver?

  • Fat-dissolver can be used in the following areas:

  • Double-chin

  • Abdomen

  • Flanks

  • Saddlebags

  • Inner thigh

  • Inner knee

  • Arms

  • Back rolls

  • Pseudo-Gynaecomastia

  •  Other areas with fat pockets

How many sessions do you need?

Two to six sessions 4-6 weeks apart are expected for best results. The results will differ from individual to individual based on their starting point, what their end goals is, product selected (lipolab / deso / aqualyx) and how the body takes to these products. 

Is Aqualyx / Deso / Lipolab painful?

Both topical and local anaesthetics will be use therefore it’s only a minor discomfort.

How long does it take to see the results?

The solution will dissolve the fat cells, which then undergo degradation and absorption by the body over a length of 4 - 6 weeks. Therefore results can take several weeks to become visible. Two to four sessions 4-6 weeks apart are expected for best results.

How long the results last?

This purely depends on your lifestyle. Fat cells could regenerate a few years later if you have a high-calorie intake and sedentary lifestyle. As long as you maintain a constant weight and healthy diet, the results is permanent.

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Day Of Your Treatment

  • A consultation is provided prior to the treatment to discuss any  concerns, aesthetics goals or any question clients may have.

  • Numbing cream is then  applied and left on for 20 minutes. Some treatment areas may require local anaesthetics for comfort and for lip fillers, dental block is an option as well for pain management.

  • Treatment area is cleaned and disinfected ready for procedure. 

  • Depending on which treatment you choose and how many areas are treated, it can take anywhere from 45min onwards. 

After Your Treatment

  • Avoid high temperature stimulation such as: sauna, steam room, hot tub bath, hot packs, etc.

  • Cleansing, makeup, and light showers are allowable on the day of the injection.

  • Exercise and/or excessive sweating should be avoided and sport massage is not recommended.

  • Do not touch or press excessively on the treatment area.

  • Drinking or excessive smoking is prohibited.

  • A balanced and healthy diet is recommended to be used in conjunction with the treatment to ensure the best result.

  • After treatment drink at least 0.5 litres of water and then continue drinking 2l of water every day for 1 week.

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